About the Kingfish Grill

About the Kingfish Grill

"There's a lot of fish in the sea...when it comes to restaurants you have to offer something that stands out from the crowd...KINGFISH is a KEEPER"

~ Catherine Enns Grigas, Water's Edge

Behind the bright orange and blue walls of Kingfish, the concept is simple..."provide quality food & service; use the best ingredients - the freshest fish - hand selected daily, incorporate organic & locally grown items; strive to exceed customers' needs & expectations - turning the casual passer-by into a regular; and honor the local community in which the restaurant is proud to be a part of.

Kingfish Grill was established in June 2005 by owner Paul Mackey. Originally from coastal New England, the restaurateur has a passion for seafood, using his background & upbringing to contribute to the flare and spice at Kingfish Grill. The team at Kingfish Grill have made it a favorite restaurant among locals and visitors alike. We invite you to come share our excitement of great food, great service & spirits!


What customers are saying about the fresh fish and seafood and the service at Kingfish Grill!

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